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Aswan High Dam Egypt

Why is the Aswan High Dam Egypt important?

Today we will talk about Aswan High Dam Egypt one of the most important semi-engineered constructions of the twentieth century.

Its construction began in 1960 and ended in 1970, Details About Felucca Ride on the Nile in Aswan

It took 10 years to build to alleviate the annual floods and occasional droughts, where is the Aswan High Dam located? in Egypt.

Today, the Aswan Dam has become a source of electricity from which Egypt can develop.

Aswan High Dam Nile River Egypt


Aswan Dam facts

Aswan High Dam Location When we talk about the Aswan High Dam Egypt, we are referring to the Aswan High Dam Egypt.

That is, there are two dams called aswan high and low dam. The downside is much smaller and older than the time.

Since the subsidence was not large enough to alleviate the problems of seasonal floods and drought, the dam built.

Aswan High Dam Egypt is 3600 meters long and 111 meters high. It is one of the most impressive constructions made by man.

The base is 980 meters wide and drops to 40 meters at the top.

It took 43 million cubic meters of stone to build and 10 years to finish.

The construction of this dam led to the emergence of Lake Nasser. This lake is about 500 kilometers long and 16 kilometers wide.

It has a total area of ​​6000 square kilometers of water, making it the largest man-made lake in the world.

Why was the Dam a disaster?

These constructions were necessary because he stated that he was going through some drought and flood problems.

Floods cannot stop because no infrastructure can store water.

The same is true for the negative effects of drought.

Due to low rainfall in some seasons of the year, water cannot store for supply and irrigation.

Aswan High Dam
Aswan High Dam Map


What is the aswan high dam?

The flooded area formed by Lake Nasser meant that over 90,000 people and as many as 24 monuments had to move.

Among the most important landmarks displaced by the formation of the Dam are the temples of Abu Simbel and Philae.

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The dam contains 12 generators with a capacity of 175 megawatts of power, each with a hydroelectric production of 10,000 GWh/year.

Why was the High Dam built?

Originally, because the electricity demand was not very high, it was able to supply half of the total demand in Egypt.

On the other hand, as mentioned before, there are many dams, Hurry up to find out Egypt Nile Cruises

The British built the High Dam Egypt in the late nineteenth century, and its height is 54 meters.

Although it expanded twice during the 20th century, it was about to overflow in 1946.

This is due to the amount of heavy rain that caused floods that this dam could not handle.

Aswan High Dam Egypt

What is the purpose of the aswan dam?

It was then that the idea of ​​building a new dam of a larger size began to considere to alleviate these flood problems.

Many tourists like to visit the Aswan High Dam Egypt and their visit consists of traveling to the top.

Once the top completely covered, the vehicle should be parked in a parking lot in the middle of the middle building.

From there you can see the unevenness of the water and the enormity of the dam on both sides.

There is no possibility of being able to visit the interior of the turbine room where hydroelectricity generated.

Until today this dam has not become a piece of tourism, Get an information about Egypt Tour Packages

If you go on a trip to the Philae temple and the unfinished obelisk, it is very interesting to go across this dam to see it.

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