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Egypt Itinerary 6 Days : How to Spend 6 Days in Egypt?

With an Egypt itinerary 6 days, there is plenty to see and do in Egypt that can be accomplished in just 6 days. Still, most visitors focus on Cairo, home to the world-famous Egyptian Museum and nearby Giza, where the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx may be seen.

Continue to Luxor and Aswan, visit the Valley of the Kings Abu Simbel Temple, and Karnak Temple to learn more about ancient Egypt, or take a side trip to Alexandria to see the Roman ruins. Then, take a dinner cruise on the Nile from Cairo to end your trip. A Nile cruise is another option: a trip to a Red Sea resort and a visit to Egypt’s historic sites.

How to Spend 6 Days in Egypt?

An Egypt itinerary 6 days could include visits to the Pyramids of Giza, the Khan el Khalili Bazaar, the Citadel of Cairo, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Temple of Philae, the Temple of Edfu, the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada.

To ensure you have plenty of time to experience all that Egypt offers, we offer the most comprehensive 6-days Egypt itinerary and All-inclusive Egypt Vacation Packages. Find yourself in a picture-perfect situation to snap some breathtaking shots.

Top Egypt Itinerary 6 Days Packages

Suggested Itinerary 1: Hurghada

Hurghada, Red Sea Beach.
Hurghada, Red Sea Beach.

Hurghada, Egypt, is a popular tourist destination due mainly to the city’s stunning beaches, thriving coral reefs, the array of tropical fish, and year-round sunshine. Because of its wealth of natural resources and beauty, many people travel to Hurghada to enjoy the vibrant coral reefs, plush resorts, picturesque desert retreats, and refreshing Red Sea activities that draw them there.

What to Visit in Hurghada:

  • Snorkeling and Scuba diving in Hurghada are some of the best things to do in Hurghada during your Egypt itinerary 6 days; due to the Red Sea’s crystal clear blue waters and rich marine life, including stunning coral reefs, Hurghada is well recognized as one of Egypt’s premier snorkeling and scuba diving destinations.
  • Get your blood pumping with a quad or jeep tour of the desert and experience the thrill of a desert safari tour adventure on your 6 days Egypt itinerary.
  • The Hurghada Grand Aquarium is an effort to teach people how important it is to protect marine ecosystems and a place to see the different kinds of sea life in the Red Sea.
  • Mahmya Island is a beach on Giftun Island, and it’s a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon after a pleasant 45-minute boat cruise from Hurghada.
  • Stop by the Makadi Bay Aqua Park for a refreshing break from your tour. One of the finest things to do with your family in Hurghada during your 6 days in Egypt is to visit Makadi Water Park, the largest aquatic park in the neighboring town. It features more than 40 slides, including a 126-meter aqua slide and a multi-colored, twisted, black hole slide.

Best Recommendation for an Egypt itinerary 6 Days in Hurghada, Red Sea.

Day 1ArrivalCairo
Day 2The Great Pyramids & the Egyptian MuseumCairo
Day 3Transfer to HurghadaHurghada
Day 4Open Day at HurghadaHurghada
Day 5Back to CairoCairo
Day 6DepartureCairo

Book our recommended 6 Days Cairo & Hurghada Tour by Bus to enjoy your Egypt itinerary 6 days gives you plenty of time to see Hurghada and Cairo’s top attractions.

Suggested Itinerary 2: Alexandria Itinerary

Sea Side of Alexandria Corniche.

Alexandria is Egypt’s second-biggest city and a major Mediterranean port. It is a must-visit during your Egypt itinerary 6 days. Alexandria is called the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” because it is so beautiful. People in the Middle East have always thought of it as one of the most beautiful places in the world to spend a summer vacation.

Alexandria has an excellent summer climate, but there are other reasons any Egypt 6 days itinerary should include it as a top destination. The town’s culture, weather, and cosmopolitan population give it a Mediterranean feel that makes it different from the rest of Egypt.

Stunning Places to Visit in Alexandria:

  • The Montaza Palace is one of Alexandria’s most prestigious structures, and its prominent setting makes it hard to miss. On your Egypt itinerary 6 days, you will come across several palaces that once housed the royal families of various kingdoms. Such care and consideration for aesthetics can be seen in the Egyptian gardens of the Montazah Palace.
  • The Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa are Egypt’s largest and most significant cemetery close to Pompey’s Pillar. These pieces were created during the time of the Greco-Roman civilizations. In the early years of the twentieth century, archaeologists discovered Kom El Shuqafa, also known as the hill of treasures in Arabic.
  • During your 6-day trip to Egypt, you should visit the Citadel of Qaitbay in Alexandria. This structure is a historical and architectural marvel, marking a pivotal time. From a distance, Qaitbay Citadel looks like a small sandcastle, yet up close, it is a massive fortress and a symbol of the city of Alexandria.
  • The Library of Alexandria, the most extensive library of its time, houses over a million books and is a must-see on every 6-day Egypt itinerary. Scholars from all walks of life flocked to the library to read the works of great minds like Euclid, who developed the laws of geometry, Archimedes, who discovered the principle of hydrostatic thrust; Hipparchus, who popularised trigonometry and defended the geocentric view of the universe, Eratosthenes, who mapped the inhabited world in geography, the astronomers Timócaris and Aristilo, and many others.

Top Itinerary Suggestion for the Best 6 Days in Egypt

Day 1ArrivalCairo
Day 2The Great Pyramids & the Egyptian MuseumCairo
Day 3Alexandria Day Tour from CairoAlexandria
Day 4Alexandria – Open DayAlexandria
Day 5Saqqara, Memphis, and DahshurCairo
Day 6DepartureCairo

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Suggested Itinerary 3: Aswan Itinerary

The Temple of Edfu.
Aswan, Temple of Philae.

Located near the first cataract on the Nile, Aswan is Egypt’s southern city. Like Luxor and Cairo, it is situated on the river’s banks. The Nile River flows northward for about 750 miles before it empties into the Nile Delta and the Mediterranean.

However, unlike Cairo and Luxor, this gorgeous city’s structures are concentrated on just the East Bank and two islands in the river, leaving the West Bank essentially a barren wasteland with dune fields right up to the river’s edge. Only a few buildings, such as the Monastery of St. Simeon, the Aga Khan Mausoleum, and the Tombs of the Nobles, may be found on the West Bank, although they are all of the highest significance.

Top Aswan Landmarks to Visit in Your Egypt 6 Days Itinerary:

  • Regarding ancient Egyptian architecture, the Edfu Temple, constructed in honor of the god Horus, is among the most impressive and well-made. It began under Ptolemy III (246-221 B.C.) and was completed under Ptolemy XII (57 B.C.) (80-51 B.C.). Location: across the Nile on the western bank.
  • As a reward, the island was given to Lord Horacio Kitchener, and he turned the whole island into a garden in 1928. Kircheners’ Island is a beautiful place with plenty of trees for shade and some beautiful and unique plants. Rare exotic birds come to the island, and if you walk through the island’s quiet streets on a quiet afternoon, you can probably see their colorful feathers in the branches of most of the trees.
  • Kalabsha Temple is the largest free-standing temple in all of Lower Nubia; this impressive structure is in excellent condition considering its age. Construction began during the first Roman Emperor Augustus’ (30 BC-14 AD) reign. The Nubian god Mandulis was the primary focus of worship, while Isis and her spouse Osiris were also honored.
  • The Temple of Philae, in ancient Egypt, should be listed on your Egypt itinerary 6 days; it is one of the most impressive examples of the country’s architectural heritage. Those interested in seeing the ruins must take a water taxi to Aglika Island, located south of the decommissioned Aswan Dam. When the high dam was built, the temple had to be moved, or it would have been submerged.
  • The Unfinished Obelisk was found in the early 1900s. It had been buried by sand for thousands of years. Since it was first discovered, one of the quarries in Aswan, Egypt, known for its durable, high-quality stone, has left it alone. Hatshepsut (circa 1473–1458 BC) is thought to have ordered the building of the temple of Amun in Karnak, but the project was eventually scrapped because of flaws and cracks in the stone. If it had been finished, the obelisk would have been much taller and heavier than any other ancient Egyptian obelisk, and it would have weighed 1168 tonnes and stood 42 meters tall.

The Best 6 Days Egypt Itinerary to Aswan.

Day 1ArrivalCairo
Day 2The Great Pyramids & the Egyptian MuseumCairo
Day 3Luxor Day TourLuxor
Day 4Aswan Day TourAswan
Day 5Tour to Abu SimbelAswan
Day 6DepartureCairo

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Suggested Itinerary 4: Luxor Itinerary

The Karnak Temple at Night
The Karnak Temple at Night.

The ancient Egyptian city of Luxor should be on your 6-day Egypt itinerary if you’re interested in the country’s historical and cultural heritage. Myths and traditions abound about the mysterious power of ancient Egypt, and many people consider Luxor the most beautiful city on Earth. Ancient Egypt and its people have always held a particular fascination for everyone in this country.

Best  Attractions to Visit in Egypt Itinerary 6 Days in Luxor:

  • Ramses II’s mortuary Temple took about 20 years to construct. Located on the Luxor River, the West Bank is home to a temple that, in its day, rivaled the majesty of Abu Simbel and the architecture of Medinet Habu. Temple depicting Ramses as an eternal divinity was damaged by the Nile floods. Images of the Battle of Qadesh, in which the Pharaoh is depicted throwing arrows at the retreating enemy, are worth paying attention to. Giant statues of Ramses III that previously guarded the entrance are mostly destroyed, although remnants can be seen throughout the Temple.
  • The Luxor Museum is roughly 670 km south of Cairo; Luxor is home to more than 70,000 people and features a world-renowned museum dedicated to ancient Egyptian art, so make sure to list it on your Egypt itinerary 6 days. The museum is located in a stunning location and is renowned all over the world. The museum enjoys a prime location between the Luxor and Karnak temples on the west bank of the Nile opposite the Ramesseum. The river that cuts across the middle of town separates it into two halves.
  • The purpose of the Mummification Museum in Luxor (ancient Thebes) is to educate visitors about the ancient Egyptian practice of mummification. Embalming was not just reserved for humans; the ancient Egyptians also used it on many different animals (cats, dogs, crocodiles, etc.). The Egyptian religion venerated the god Anubis, sometimes known as “the Jackal.”
  • Regarding ancient Egyptian culture, Luxor is among Egypt’s most valuable possessions. The Karnak Temple is one of the main temples of Luxor, which is home to many other unique ancient structures.
    The name “Karnak” was given to the complex because, in Arabic, “Karnak” means “fortified hamlet,” and the Karnak Temple Complex is laid out like a village made up of temples, chapels, and other buildings.
  • The Colossi of Memnon is a must-see on your Egypt itinerary 6 days; it is one of Luxor’s most prominent landmarks because of its imposing look and the strange sounds made by the northern colossus statue every morning at sunrise.

Our Recommendation for the Best 6-Day Egypt Itinerary in Luxor

Day 1ArrivalCairo
Day 2The Great Pyramids & the Egyptian MuseumCairo
Day 3Alexandria Day TourAlexandria
Day 4Luxor East BankLuxor
Day 5Luxor West BankLuxor
Day 6DepartureCairo

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Egypt’s Top Tourist Spots No Way to Fail

Egypt 6 days itinerary
Egyptian Souvenirs.

The following is a short list of Egypt’s top attractions and places you shouldn’t miss to visit during your Egypt itinerary 6 days.

  • Trip to Giza so you can witness the pyramids for yourself.
  • Aswan and the surrounding area are magnificent attractions you must see.
  • Cruise the Nile from Luxor to Aswan for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Make plans to visit Abu Simbel and its magnificent temples.
  • Take as many dives and snorkeling trips as your heart desires.
  • Explore Luxor from both the eastern and western sides of the Nile.
  • Make plans to visit Old Cairo and take in all its amazing sights.
  • Plan a trip to the cities on the coast of the Red Sea and unwind.
  • One must enjoy shopping at the ancient Khan el Khalili Bazaar at least once in their lifetime.

Tips to Help You Plan an Egyptian Vacation

Egypt itinerary 6 days
Egypt Air.

Here are some tips to help you plan an Egyptian itinerary 6 days:

  • Put a few Egyptian cash in your bags.
  • Bring comfortable clothes for daily use.
  • You shouldn’t drink the water from the tap.
  • Try some traditional Egyptian food while you’re there.
  • As soon as you land, get a SIM card.
  • Learn some simple Egyptian words and phrases to help you talk to people.
  • Every Friday and Saturday in Egypt are public holidays.

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