“Amon Ra Tours” will make all your dreams come true by offering affordable Egypt Day Tours & Excursions to the most beautiful tourist attractions and well-known cities in Egypt. Our professional staff will guide you through the secrets of such an ancient and mysterious civilization, allowing you to visit all the sites of Egypt. Explore the Great Pyramid of Cheops, which was built thousands of years ago, and the great discoveries such as the magnificent base of the tomb of King Tutankhamun, as well as all the attractions and archaeological sites from all over Egypt, and with us; you will experience a different meaning for your regular day tours in Egypt.

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giza pyramids camel ride

Cairo Layover Tours

Cairo layover tours allow you to make the most of your short stay in Cairo by taking advantage of our best Egypt day tours. If you only have a few hours to spend in Egypt before your flight, you might need an Egypt layover tour; we offer you the best Cairo layover tours so you can enjoy our Egypt tour packages and see Cairo’s top attractions in one day. Cairo layover tours begin and end at Cairo airport, and anyone can book them anytime. Our Egyptologist tour guides will help you get the most out of your brief stay in Cairo with our Cairo stopover transit.

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Cairo Day Tours

Amon Ra Tours will take you through Egypt’s ancient history and is an excellent place to start your day tours in Cairo. We will work with you to create the perfect tour itinerary to guarantee that your trip is genuinely remarkable. We can also completely customize your Egypt Travel Packages. On Egypt Day Tours and Cairo Day Tours from the airport, don’t miss out on discovering all of this land’s mysteries, including its hidden tombs and massive temples, as well as learning more about Egyptian history and witnessing the imaginary excellent and artistic methodology of this culture and civilization. We offer a variety of Cairo day trip programs and options, so you can select what is ideal for you and your budget.

Luxor Temple

Luxor Day Tours

Luxor day tours are the most incredible way to see all of the stunning sights in Luxor. Travel to one of the Middle East’s oldest and most impressive civilizations, visit the world’s biggest open-air museum, and spend your holiday immersed in the region’s rich entertainment and cultural offerings. Explore the New Kingdom capital of ancient Egypt, the Mountain of Thebes, and the colossal structures and decorations carved on the temple walls while learning about the famous New Kingdom monarchs. To do so, we’ve listed the best Luxor day tours with Egypt’s best trip guides, who deliver in-depth explanations for each significant attraction on our custom Egypt itineraries. Join us on one of our unique Luxor day tours, Egypt’s ancient treasure trove, and see two-thirds of the ancient world’s treasures when you book now with your friends and family.

Aswan City

Aswan Day Tours

Aswan day tours in Egypt are one of the best Egypt Vacation Packages you can ever have when you visit Egypt. Aswan is one of the most beautiful places to take your breath away. On a dhow boat tour, you can enjoy the fresh air of the Nile while looking at the natural green banks on both sides. It will make you feel like a king or queen being crowned at a coronation ceremony. Spend an unforgettable time in the most beautiful city on the banks of the River Nile. Aswan is the most popular winter vacation spot in the world. It is a city with a warm, charming atmosphere. Book our private Aswan day tours, which Amon Ra Tours offers daily. We take all the necessary precautions so that you can enjoy fantastic day trips and excursions in Aswan. All of the tours are private, just like most of the day tours in Egypt, and they can start from any hotel in Aswan to see the High Dam, the Philae Temple, which is dedicated to Isis, the goddess of love, the Unfinished Obelisk, and Nubian villages cover all the beautiful sites in Aswan.

Top Egypt Excursions & Trips 2023

We offer you some of the best Egypt day trips, as mentioned to our clients who have enjoyed the best day trips in Egypt over the past years whose reviews can be found on TripAdvisor; and we also organize great and fun-filled trips in Egypt, such as Cairo Day Trips. Check out our affordable excursions and excursions for all types of tourists in 2023, as well as Egypt beach trips as well as Cairo airport daily tours.

Our professional Egyptologists will accompany you during your Aswan Excursion and Luxor Day Tours, where you can explore ancient Thebes starting from the Valley of the Kings and West Bank Luxor Tour, as well as Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. Egypt tours extend to Edfu God Horus the Falcon Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, and Abu Simbel during Aswan Day Tours and Luxor Day Trips.

$ 95
alexandria city

Greeks, Romans... The cultural legacy of Alexandria is evident in its monuments and archaeological sites. Immerse yourself in its past with this excursion from Cairo.


$ 50
cafe at khan el khalili

Cairo is a city alive 24 hours a day. In this night tour, we will visit the ،Khan El Khalili Bazaar and the most amazing streets of the city. We will end with dinner in a traditional restaurant.


$ 90
Cities of Egypt

You don't need much time to take a vacation, you just need to choose one of our daily tours and you can come in a few hours to explore Cairo's famous attractions such as the pyramids, the Grand Egyptian Museum, and other wonderful places.


$ 75
old cairo church

First and foremost, your knowledgeable tour guide will be waiting for you at your hotel, ready to greet you and begin your Coptic and Islamic Cairo tour with a warm welcome to Egypt.


$ 70
Cairo Museum

With our Day Tour To Cairo Museum & Citadel, at the beginning of your exciting trip to Cairo, your tour guide will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby to embark on an unforgettable trip. Using your air-conditioned car that waits outside, your journey will begin, and your tour guide will start talking about Egyptian history and the most crucial tourist attractions you will stop at on your trip.


$ 85
khan el khalili bazaar 1

Experience the best of Egypt with our Egyptian Museum, Citadel, Coptic Cairo, and Khan el Khalili, in a wonderful tour that combines the most inspiring places in Cairo Al-Muizz; you will be waiting for a visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum, Coptic Cairo with its famous mosques and churches, the beautiful union of buildings that reflects the harmony between the different groups of Egyptian society, and then to the beautiful tour of Khan Al-Khalili.


$ 50
felucca ride at nile

Book the best Felucca ride in Cairo and a popular Egyptian Food Tour; Egypt's cuisine is distinguished by the use of primary and pleasant ingredients, prepared with a variety of spices but with relatively mild flavors, and, while the meat is prevalent, there are several vegetarian options. This is reflected in this tour, designed for foodies to uncover the secret flavors of Egyptian culture.


$ 45
dinner at nile cruise

Have your Lunch on Nile Cruise, at the start, your experienced tour guide will meet you at your hotel to begin your trip. You will be escorted to your air-conditioned car. Your guide will be focus on your interests, will tell you about Egyptian history, and will point out prominent Cairo sights.


This list of the best places to visit in Egypt, the country of the pharaohs and one of the most important ancient civilizations in history, will help you not to miss anything from one of the essential destinations for travel lovers.

Although we know there are hundreds of things to do, we assure you that take a closer look at the Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx, get to the impressive Abu Simbel temple, take a cruise on the Nile, and seek out the tomb of Tutankhamun. In the Valley of the Kings, crossing the desert or getting lost in the Khan El Khalili Bazaar in Cairo are moments you will never forget and will become unique gifts.

Although the day trip to Egypt can be made alone, hiring a guide/driver is highly recommended.

  • Cairo Attractions

You cannot leave Egypt without visiting the largest, most chaotic, and most populous city on the African continent: Cairo. You will soon realize when you set foot in the city that traffic lights are simple decorative objects, and crossing a street will practically become an act of faith, which you will only manage to pass with determination.
Despite what we tell you, do not think that Cairo is just chaos. As you walk through the city, you will discover the ancient history, good gastronomy, and great contrasts between the Islamic and modern traditions, always accompanied by its people’s good humor and kindness.

1. The pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza, the only remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, are unique places in Egypt and the world. Located less than 20 kilometers from Cairo, the Three Great Pyramids that house the tombs of Pharaohs Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure stand out above the rest of the country’s monuments and pyramids.

2. Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum, also called the “Museum of Egyptian Antiquities,” has the most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian and other ancient civilization artifacts worldwide.

In 1835, the Egyptian government built the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities to stop people from stealing the country’s historical monuments. The museum was created hoping that its collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts would be kept in reasonable condition so that future generations could enjoy them.

3. Hanging Church

The Hanging Church of Cairo is thought to have been built around the year 690 A.D., making it one of the first churches in Egypt. One of the most famous basilica churches in all of Egypt.
The two pillars of the Roman gatehouse could once be seen below the Hanging Church of Cairo. However, as the earth has slowly but steadily risen over time, they are now entirely buried.

4- Cairo Tower

The Cairo Tower, which is 187 meters tall, is one of the city’s most well-known landmarks. Visitors to Egypt’s capital city should take advantage of it.

Today, the tower on Gezira Island in the Nile River is best known for its observation deck and revolving restaurant near the top of the building in the Zamalek neighborhood. Egypt is where Zamalek is. Even though there are many restaurants in Cairo with better food, this place has a different beautiful scenery than Cairo. Getting around the whole restaurant takes about an hour and a half.

5. Cairo Citadel

Cairo Citadel is an Islamic fortification in Egypt. It was built around the city’s historical center in 1183 CE to protect against Crusader attacks.

Inside the walls of the current Citadel of Cairo are many mosques, including the Alabaster Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha. Many people don’t understand why the Citadel is called a mosque. Some people think this is because Muhammad Ali Pasha was the last person to take the Citadel from the Mamluks in 1805. Others believe the real reason is that the mosque is prominent on top of the hill.

  • Alexandria Attractions

Getting to the historic Alexandria, located in the north of the country, near the Nile Delta and on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is another of the best things to do in Egypt. Founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, Alexandria was one of antiquity’s most important trading cities. She was famous for having the imposing Lighthouse of Alexandria, 130 meters high, and one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.

1.Citadel of Qaitbay

The Islamic community built the Citadel of Qaitbay in the 15th century as a stronghold to protect Qaitbay from Crusader attacks. It has become Alexandria’s most popular tourist spot in the past few years. The Qaitbay Citadel is on the north-northeast part of Pharos Island, right next to where the once-famous lighthouse of Alexandra is now standing. In 1544, Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa’it Bay built the first fortifications at the Citadel, and these defenses are still in use.

2. Pompey’s pillar

Pompey’s Pillar in Alexandria has become famous for tourists in recent years. In the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria, you can see the vast Roman pillar, the Pillar of Pompey or Pompey’s Column. At the current location of the Serpeum, this is all left of the enormous temple colonnade that was there in the past. Except for this single column, the whole building was torn down in the 4th century when Christians tried to eliminate pagan practices in the city.

3. Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, also called the New Library of Alexandria, is close to where the Royal Library of Alexandria, which has since been torn down, used to be. The new library is a fitting tribute to what was once considered the best library in the world.

  • Aswan Attractions

Even though it is the last stop on many Nile cruises, people often ignore Aswan and the area around it, even though there are a lot of unique sites and things to do in the area. Even though the Aswan High Dam and Lake Nasser are the city’s most popular and well-known sights, there are many other beautiful and “must-see” places in Aswan.

1. Abu Simbel Temple

In Nubia, south of Egypt, there is a place that outshines the Egyptian Pyramids in beauty: Abu Simbel. This archaeological area stands out for the two rock-cut temples that the great Pharaoh Ramses II ordered to be built in the 13th century BC. C. to commemorate a war victory and with an incredible history since both temples, in honor of the pharaoh and his favorite wife, Nefertari, had to be moved in 1968 to a higher location as a result of the construction of a dam in the Nile River, making them even better known to the world.

2. Philae Temple

Philae is home to one of the best-preserved old temples in the world. It was built for the goddess Isis. Building on it began in 380 BC, but by the end of the sixth century, it was empty and had to be left behind.

People often think that the Philae Temple, finished in 690 AD, was the last ancient Egyptian temple built in the “classic” Egyptian style. It’s a fantastic example of the devotion that grew up around the story of Isis and her main characters, like Osiris and Horus, and it can be seen in many places all over Egypt.

3. Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam was a big help to Egypt’s growth, and now tourists can use the lake it made (Nasser).

The Nile River is the longest in the world and one of the mightiest rivers. If it were possible to control it, farmers who lived near it wouldn’t have to worry about destroying their whole crops. That allowed farmers to water their crops whenever they thought it best. Also, if the river’s water flow can be controlled, a lot of hydroelectric power could be made from the water moving in the river. Egypt gets about 2.1 gigawatts of capacity from the Aswan High Dam’s 12 generators, which were built specifically for the dam.

4. Nubian Village

Nubian Village on Elephantine Island in the Nile River near Aswan is a great place to go on vacation if you want to relax and learn about the area’s long history. The same-named island is where the village is.

Along the Nile River, there have been many Nubian settlements throughout history. The Nubian people are a group of people who come from southern Egypt and northern Sudan. They were known for their skill with bows and horses, and their ability to ride horses was looked up to. People thought they were a hazardous group of horse troops.

  • Luxor Attractions

The ancient capital of Egypt, Thebes, is one of the many tourist sites in Luxor that visitors may need to learn about. It is where the Valley of the Kings and the tomb of King Tutankhamun, said to have been a great ruler, can be found. The Valley of the Queens, the large Karnak Temple complex, the Luxor Temple, the must-see Avenue of Sphinxes, and the beautiful temple of Queen Hatshepsut are all easy to get to.

1. The Valley of the Kings

On the west bank of the Nile, 10 kilometers from Luxor, is the Valley of the Kings, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Egypt. This valley became the cemetery of most of the pharaohs, as well as queens and princes from the New Kingdom era, and is made up of two valleys, the East and the West or Valley of the Queens, where more than 60 graves.

2. Temple of Hatshepsut 

The funerary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, which can be seen close to the Valley of the Kings, is now widely regarded as one of the Ancient World’s Seven Wonders. World.

Hatshepsut’s temple was built mainly for her afterlife cult and to honor the Egyptian god Amen-Ra. In the past, the temple’s colonnaded terraces and paths were surrounded by beautiful gardens with intricate sculptures and other decorations.

3. The Colossi Memnon

Amenhotep III of Thebes is said to have ordered the Colossi of Memnon, two giant statues, to be built. These statues stand guard at the entrance to a tomb temple in Luxor, Egypt.

During his time as king of Egypt in the 14th century B.C., Amenhotep III is said to have built the country’s largest and most beautiful temple complex. Historians think that if it were still standing, it would be even bigger and more impressive than Karnak, a vast temple complex on the other side of the river.

4. Karnak Temple

Karnak is a group of temples located in Thebes. This region was the capital of ancient Egypt for more than 1,000 years, where for 2,000 years, more than 30 pharaohs were competing and building the best temples and statues in honor of the great god Amun. This enclosure, made up of temples, obelisks, sculptures, and a large sacred lake, is the second most touristic Place in the country, behind the pyramids, and is another of the important places to visit in Egypt.

5. Temple of Luxor

Built-in honor of the god Amun by the pharaohs Amenhotep III and Ramses II, the Temple of Luxor is located 2 kilometers from the Temple of Karnak. This temple, more than 3,500 years old, is another of the best preserved in Egypt and stands out for its grand façade, the colossi, and obelisks, one of which is located in the center of the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

6. Dendera Temple

dedicated to the goddess Hathor, this temple impresses with its good state of preservation, remaining buried in the sand for centuries, which allows you to see the original colors in statues and reliefs such as the Zodiac.