Valley of the Queens

Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Queens:

Egypt’s Valley of the Queens, also called “the region of beauty,” is where the royal wives and princesses of the New Kingdom are buried.

Location of The Valley of the Queens :

The tombs of the queens of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt are in a wadi called “the Valley,” close to the Pharaohs’ necropolis. From the 18th to the 20th dynasty, royal spouses, princesses, and even a few princes were buried in this tomb.

In ancient times, Ta-Set-Neferu, which means “the land of beauty,” was known for its more than 75 tombs. Only four of them are now open to the public, in any case. Tourists can visit the tombs of Queen Titi, Ramessean princes Khaim and Amunherkhepsef, and Egypt’s most beautiful tomb, that of Queen Nersessirrtet II. One of Egypt’s most famous queens is Nefertari Meritmut, who was Ramesses the Great’s first Royal Wife.

She was known as Mut’s “Beautiful Companion, Beloved” and was involved in politics. Ramesses called her “the one for whom the sunbeams,” which is just one of her many nicknames. Her importance is evident as soon as you step into her beautiful tomb.

The walls of the three rooms and the hallways that connect them are covered with brightly colored scenes, and the ceilings are covered with golden stars. The colossal rock shrine at Abu Simbel that Ramesses built for his first wife shows how much he loved her. Amunherkhepshef’s tomb is an excellent alternative to Nefertari’s, the most enormous and beautiful tomb in the valley because the reliefs are still in good shape.

Visiting the Valley :

At first glance, the valley might not look like much. Nearly 90 royal family members are buried in this sun-blasted, basic red granite ravine. Decor-wise, the tombs in the Valley of the Queens look much like the tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

The Valley of the Kings is a must-see for anyone going to the Valley of the Queens because it is much more famous and has the tombs of some of Egypt’s greatest pharaohs. The public can only see a few of the more than 90 tombs that have been found in the Valley of the Queens.

Even though some of these sites are still being dug up, others are open to the public on a limited basis while they are being fixed up. It’s worth going to look at the beautiful wall decorations and think about how long it must have taken to make them.

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