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El Dakhla Oasis

Where is Dakhla Oasis Egypt?

The Dakhla Oasis, which is situated 189 kilometers west of Kharga and has more than 600 natural springs and lakes, is a popular tourist destination. Among the orchards and green meadows are several charming mud-brick settlements can be seen. The oasis was home to around 70,000 people. The ancient town is a maze of narrow lanes with clay-covered walls and intricate wooden lintels, and the buildings are tucked away among them.

Dakhla Oasis
Egypt Al-Qaasr Dakhla Oasis

History of Dakhla

In Egypt, it is the southernmost of the country’s seven Oases, and it was historically situated at the crossroads of an essential caravans trading route that connected the Dakhla not only to the Khargha and Farafra Oases but also to the Nile Valley in the west and all the way east as far as Libya.

In contrast to the other Egyptian oases, the Dakhla has agriculturally cultivated land covering more than half of the total land area. Due to the abundance of water springs in Dakhla, such as “Bir Talata” (well number three) and “Bir El Gabal,” the oasis has become a popular tourist destination (the well of the mountain).

Because of the beautiful warm water and peaceful ambiance these freshwater springs, they have become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dakhla Oasis.

Tours to visit the sights

Recently discovered archaeological evidence suggests that Dakhla has been inhabited since ancient times.

It is possible to visit the tombs of El-Muzawaka, which date back to Roman times, El-Qasr, which is a medieval fortification constructed on the ruins of a Roman hamlet, the village of Al Balat, and the temple of Deir El Hagar while you are in the region.

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 Dakhla Oasis
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How to travel to Dakhla Oasis

The Dakhla Oasis is linked to the Bahariya Oasis, which in turn provides daily bus service to Cairo from the city center.

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