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Unfinished Obelisk

Why was the Unfinished Obelisk unfinished?

Unfinished Obelisk, When seeing the remains of colossal structures strew across Egypt,

It is uncommon to take the time to pause and consider the numerous steps that required for their completion.

With the Unfinished Obelisk, we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to analyze this intricate process

And the difficulties of shaping the enormous stone blocks, Discover now Egypt Day Tours

That used in the construction of most Egyptian structures.

The obelisk, which situated around 2 kilometers south of the city of Aswan, Egypt, can contemplat:

It is massive, towering, and still rests on its pink granite foundation.

Unfinished Obelisk


Unfinished Obelisk Aswan Egypt

We’re talking about the unfinished obelisk of aswan egypt,

Which abandoned in the middle of the building, most likely as a result of a snag in the construction process.

If this massive obelisk had finished, it would have reached a height never before achieved,

Making it the biggest structure ever constructed in Egypt, Click to know more about Egypt vacation packages

Pink granite from Aswan utilized in the construction of the structure, as had predicted.

This granite used for many of Egypt’s most important structures during the Pharaonic period, and the city well-known for it.

This colossus, on the other hand, has never finished.

Cracks in the rock found during the last phase of its construction

When three of its four sides had already constructed when the project was nearing completion.

Why was the Un finished Obelisk abandoned?

As a result, the building of the job halted, You can also read about Egypt Nile Cruises

And the incomplete obelisk abandoned in one of Aswan’s old quarries,

Where it remains firmly fixed to the bed of tough rock to this day.

Archaeologists believe that this obelisk intended for Karnak; nevertheless,

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The fact that it never finished and instead remained within the quarry is intriguing monument to sculpting difficulty

For the following millennia, according to archaeologists.

What was the purpose of an obelisk


Hatshepsut obelisk: Largest obelisk in the world

It believed to have commissioned by Hatshepsut, about 3,500 years ago, during the 18th dynasty.

If Unfinished obelisk weight had built, with a height of 42 meters and a weight of around 1,200 tonnes,

It would have been the tallest structure on the planet,

On par with the massive Baalbek monolith in Lebanon, and the heaviest structure on the planet.

Furthermore, it is believed to have been a component of a pair of obelisks.

A lesser-known twin obelisk would be none other than the Lateran Obelisk,

Which housed inside the temple complex of Karnak and now positioned opposite Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome.


Facts about the Unfinished obelisk

The Obelisk of Aswan is the exact find that made it possible to explain how the ancient Egyptians divided

The finished sculpture from the stone bed once it finished.

While it appears to complicate process that necessitated sophisticated equipment and techniques,

It was quite simple: they simply used wet wood to do so,

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The following was the procedure: holes drilled into the granite and sun-dried wooden wedges put into the holes.

The wedges frequently and periodically submerged in water, resulting in a progressive growth in size over time.

When these wedges expanded to their full extent, a regular crack in the granite along the line of the holes created,

Which allowed the obelisk to be separated from the rock underneath it.

The obelisk sanded with diabase or dolerite rock after it had detached from its rock bed to make its surface more equal.

Dolerite was able to utilize on the obelisk because it is tougher than granite and would not shatter.

unfinished obelisk the unfinished obelisk of aswan egypt


Unfinished obelisk scoop marks

Today, the Aswan Obelisk serves as a true open-air museum,

Enabling us to go on a virtual voyage into a faraway world brimming with secrets that have yet to unravele.

There is still some uncertainty about who commissioned the construction and where it intended to go,

Which makes the unfinished obelisk, which considered the pride of the city of Aswan,

Even more interesting, since it wrapped in a cloud of mystery.


About Unfinished Obelisk

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